“Inflammatory Mechanisms in Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation”
"Inflammatory pathways as targets for the treatment and prevention of atrial fibrillation"
“The Long QT Syndrome: From Genes to Sudden Cardiac Death”
“Electrocardiographic Imaging (ECGI): A new noninvasive imaging modality for cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias”
"Molecular Mechanisms Controlling K+ Channel Diversity and Functioning in the Heart"
"Imaging Arrhythmias: Toward Painless Defibrillation"
"Surgery For Atrial Fibrillation: Present State of the Art and Future Directions"
"Calcium Regulation in Cardiac Myocytes: Systolic Dysfunction and Arrhythmogenesis in Heart Failure"
"Control of Normal rate and Rhythm by a Widely Distributed, Functionally Differentiated and Integrated System of Atrial Pacemakers: The Pacemaker Complex"
This discussion was presented in Brauer Hall Distance Learning Classroom and was webcast over the internet.